Hatfield Historical Society

The Hatfield Historical Society (HHS) manages the museum collections of the Town of Hatfield, including the Hatfield Historical Museum and the Mary Lou & Robert J. Cutter Hatfield Farm Museum. The mission of HHS is to promote an understanding of the history of Hatfield, by collecting, preserving, interpreting and sharing that history and its relationship to the region.

The Hatfield Historical Museum, owned by the Town of Hatfield, is located at 39 Main St., Hatfield. Its collection consists of some 24,000 items.

Contributed Items

Powder horn of Hessian soldier Henry Wilkie
Natural horn, 13" x 5" x 4, likely of English or American origin, with some pinhole-burned designs and letters, not complete. Replacement wood plug in base and brown shoestring cord.

A Dandy of a Button
White metal, 1" diameter
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