Hessian Soldiers

Wilkie powder horn 0055.JPG

Powder horn belonging to Hessian soldier Henry Wilkie

Inhabitants of Hatfield, Massachusetts, remembered the fellow resident who owned this powderhorn as a Hessian POW captured at Saratoga when the British army surrendered in 1777.


A boulder marks the march of Hessian POWs 

An inscription on a boulder in New Salem, Massachusetts, still reminds passersby that “1000 Hessians who surrendered at Saratoga Passed Here.”


Gravestone of Hessian POW John Isense

A Hessian gravestone in West Springfield, Massachusetts, cemetery reveals John Andrew Isense was far from his home in Brunswick, Germany when he was struck by lightning while working as POW on a West Springfield farm in 1780.

Hessian Soldiers