Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association and the Memorial Hall Museum

Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association is a regional organization that maintains the Memorial Hall Museum, a research Library, Deerfield Teachers’ Center, Indian House Children’s Museum, and Community Outreach projects.

Memorial Hall Museum's collection is comprised of artifacts, documents, maps, photographs and books from the Connecticut River Valley region of Massachusetts. The Collection spans a vast sweep of history: from the area's earliest Native American inhabitants to more recent early twentieth-century times. PVMA's website, American Centuries: PVMA/Memorial Hall Museum's online collection and more

Contributed Items

"The Bloody Massacre perpetrated on King Street, Boston on March 5th, 1770"
engraving on paper, 9.31" x 10.5", printed by Paul Revere

Soapstone Bullet Mold
Soapstone bullet mold, 2.25" x 3.17" x 0.75", Boston, Bunker Hill

Long-Handled Frying Pan
Long-handled frying pan, iron, 55" x 16.75", West Point, Colrain

Brown Bess Flintlock Musket
"Brown Bess", Tower musket, Crown and "G.R." on lockplate, caliber .75, Saratoga Springs, NY, Shelburne

William Dorrell's Sword
Short sabre, no marks, grip rewound with rope, guard broken. Length: 32", Petersham, Warwick, Leyden

Flag Fragment
Piece of Col Hugh Maxwell's regimental flag - 11.5" x 6.5", Charlemont, Heath

Pages from the Journal of Elihu Ashley
Pages from Journal of Dr. Elihu Ashley. 7.0" x 4.25"
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