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Leather-bound Bible, 10”x12”x4”

Wood (walnut), six holes, brass fittings, 14.5 in.

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White metal, 1" diameter

Boston Massacre print.jpg
engraving on paper, 9.31" x 10.5", printed by Paul Revere

Pages from Journal of Dr. Elihu Ashley. 7.0" x 4.25"

Richard Falley Musket.jpg
Iron, steel and wood musket

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Meeting Notes, 10" X 8" ink on paper, two-sides

stone grave marker

Single page manuscript written by Caesar Phelps to his enslaver Charles Phelps, Jr

Wilkie powder horn 0055.JPG
Natural horn, 13" x 5" x 4, likely of English or American origin, with some pinhole-burned designs and letters, not complete. Replacement wood plug in base and brown shoestring cord.
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